I knew That I Had Found Him.

I have found my life partner on handicap-dating.com.

I didn’t believe that my ideal partner existed in reality,but now I´m sure he exists.He is now my fiancé.It´s a year ago that I created my profile on handicap-dating.com I feel that it has been difficult for me  to go out and meet guys in clubs,bars and other places, due to my disability.It´s not pleasant for me to go to places with lots of people and noise.Thats where handicap-dating.com is ideal,and a  fantastic way to meet people,both women and men.Finally, a guy arrived,who initially became my boyfriend,and later on my fiancé.

Steven was really nice,already from the first contact.He was interested,kind and compassionate.His messages were full of humour and I really like that.He has his own disability,slightly more of physical in nature than me.It gives him an understanding of the thoughts,inhibitions,and challenges one has with a disability.That day I knew that I had found him!

We wrote together for some time before we arranged our first date.I was to take place on a Sunday in the park, and he would bring a picnic basket.I thought that was very kind and romantic.When the day dawned,it had been raining all night.I was slightly sceptical when I woke up,but within a short time the sun came out, dried everything out, and the heat materialized.

I drove to the park in my summer dress,blankets and in good spirits.We met at the parking lot by the train station.I recognized him straight away.He looked just as lovely as he did on the pictures,even better in flesh and blood.We entered the park gates and Jan flagged down one of the horse driven sightseeing wagons.It was all so romantic.I felt like one of the characters in a Jane Austen novel,it was wonderful and fantastic.

We enjoyed the picnic on a spread blanket,under a large oaktree,watching all the other people on their Sunday walks.It was fun and enjoyable.We later drove off in my car.We didn’t really feel that we wanted to say goodbye,so when I dropped him off at his flat in Brooklyn,I went with him inside.

I have to say that I didn’t know that I could do that on my first date.It felt so natural and comforting.Steven was very kind and caring.He offered me coffee,wine and chocolate.

We talked,watched some movies and ordered some thai food.The evening turned to night,and I still stayed with him.It ended up by me spending the night there.Next day I just went home to take a bath,change clothes and fetch my toiletries,and some changing clothes to take along.Suddenly we were together most of the time.A month after our first date, Steven arrived home with a little box in his hand.He can´t get on his knees because of his disability,but sitting on the sofa,he proposed to me with the most beautiful sapphire ring.

I was overcome by such happiness that I  started to cry,whilst I shouted Yes!!!


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