He Was A Mismatch.

I have dated quite a few men that I have met on handicap-dating.com.There have been many good experiences, and some of the men I have dated several times.One of my dates I´ll never forget,It was a person I only met once.

We can call him Robert.We had been writing together awhile,when we decided to meet personally.I sit in a wheelchair,so it had to be a place where I could get around.We therefore choose a café close to the river in New York, where both of is live.The reason why Robert has a profile on handicap-dating.com,com that he has ADHD,and therefore he thought he could meet a girl that understood his condition,on such a specialized website.

I didn’t know what to expect.When we wrote together and spoke on the mobile phone,he seemed really nice,peaceful and pleasant.It was a completely different experience I got when I met him at the café.

In the beginning we spoke casually and drank a beer.It went really well and I thought that this was going to be a good evening. More and more people turned up at the café and the sound level rose.

We ordered food and more drink,and that’s when Robert started to change.He looked stressed.Spoke louder and louder,made dramatic arm movements,and became slightly strange.Suddenly he grabed my wheelchair, and wanted me to go outside with him, as he wanted to smoke a cigaret.I told him that I didn’t want to go outside, and that he could go and smoke, whilst I waited inside

Then he triggered,started to shout and called me all kinds of nasty names.I became really scared and slightly afraid of him.Luckily some of the barmen grabbed him and asked him to calm down.He did so and excused himself.He said that it was probably the loud noise and the many people that had stressed him out.

Shortly afterwards it happened again.He reacted again to something that I said,and a barmen came over to us.By this time it was too much for me,and I asked for help to get into a taxi.The café employees sorted that out for me.I told Robert that I didn’t feel that we had more to speak about, and he should look for another girl.Luckily he was more subdued at that time,and reacted okay.My taxi arrived and I was driven home.

When I arrived home,I removed Robert from my friends list. I was happy that I had always used my mobile with a call card when speaking to him.I had never informed him about my address,or for that matter any other man that I have dated.That also counts in the future.Only when I have met the completely right person,I will reveal it.


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