I Was Nervous Before My First Date.

As soon as I got my profile on handicap-dating.com,I was excited whether anybody would contact me.I don´t look like a filmstar or rockstar, with my scared face and one and a half leg.That´s how I look today­-4 years after my traffic accident.It could have been much worse.I could have been buried at the cemetary today,if I hadn´t been so lucky.

As mentioned, I uploaded my profile up onto handicap-dating.com.I waited anxiously for a response.I didn´t need to be nervous,as the next day,I was contacted by three girls.It was with thumping heart that I read the messages.All three seemed really nice.

It was particularly one girl who sounded especially lovely.She looked great on the pictures,with a beautiful body and a pretty look.She was fun to write with,and eventually we started to call each other on the phone.After some weeks we decided to meet up at a restaurant.

In the days leading up to our date,I went to my hairdresser,worked out extra much at the fitness center,and went on a shopping spree for clothes.”Lets give it all”,I thought.With my new hair style,I felt like dressing up.I have never indulged in this before,so therefore I went into a chic mens clothes shop and asked them to find the clothes that suited me best.This in order to entice a young beautiful women.I told the shop assistant that I had an upcoming date,and that I had a profile on handicap-dating.com.He thought that was great,and told me that he and some mates had their profiles on a site called iflirt.dk.He further said that they had met many gorgeous girls that way.

When I arrived at the restaurant,I was nervous and shaky legged,more than usual. I entered the restaurant,and my date was already there.I noticed her straight away.She was stunningly beautiful,a goddess.She was small,gorgeous and super sweet.It gelled from the beginning.We talked and talked,smiled,laughed and flirted.It was a wonderful evening.She was very happy that we had got to know each other first by writing online.She said that might not have looked my way, if she had met me in a bar.Now that she had met me,she wasn´t scared away by the scar on my cheek.Actually she said that it gave me a masculine look.Who wouldn´t be happy with such a statement.

Since then we have been together nearly every day.I´m completely mad about her,and hope she´ll become my girlfriend.I´ve been thinking of asking her,next week when its her birthday.I have bought her a bracelet with diamonds,so that she can see that I´m serious.

Regards Larry



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