My Profile Has Opened Me Up.

I would like to start by saying that being on has been a fantastic and positive experience! I´m an ordinary 25 year old,slim,with brown hair,sporty,happy and healthy.I just have one small problem.I have reduced vision on both eyes.If you think:”How can she chat online”?;that is made possible, because I have a special computer screen that amplifies enough for me to see.

Because of my impaired vision,I don´t get around very much, therefore it can be difficult to meet new people.I spin and workout in a fitness center, and my daily work is as a booking employee with an insurance company.I spend time with family and good women friends.Thats typically what my life looks like.I have my own flat and I love spending time there.That´s where I can be myself and spend time listening to music and audio books.I also have a mascot Sambo! Its my 5 year old companion,Draco,who is a black Labrador.He makes sure that I get a fair amount of exercise when we are out walking.

Inspite of this,just like for the others,I would like to have a partner.When I heard about,I didn`t have any doubts.After putting up my profile,I have been having a ball of a time.I can hardly wait to get home and check my inbox.I feel that a whole new world has opened up for me.I got many new male and female friends, with whom I can share experiences,and in addition to that,my love life has been kick started.Its been quite “shut down” since my days at highschool,and now I have got my appetite back for the sweet life.

The first two guys I have been with were really sweet.The third one turned out to be a fool.He thought that my impaired vision would give him the advantage of being able to grab my credit card,without me seeing it.This occurred on our first date. I think his greatest disability is his lack of intelligence and honesty.Anyway ,it didn’t succeed for him,and that was the end of that date!Luckily I never ended up in bed with him;thank god!

I kept a low profile for a while,just to get over the episode with the fool.A couple of weeks ago I met a guy.We went for a date last night,and it was a great evening.He was really funny,and has a great sense of humour. He can see the humour in twisted situations,and on top of that, we could sit and make jokes about my disability.Its the best date yet,and when he insisted on meeting up again tomorrow evening,I´m sure that its because he also had a good experience.

Lets see how it goes,but just now I´m crossing fingers for that we continue to have common interests,and want to enjoy each others company.Now he needs to be introduced to Draco,and be accepted by him.

Lots Love



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