I found My Prince.

I would like to share my experiences with the rest of you here on handicap-dating.com.It´s not more than three months ago, that I created a profile.This was after hearing about the site from one of my women friends.Just like I, she doesn’t venture much into the social life of the town,and therefore it becomes difficult to meet new people;not at least to find a new love partner.Just want to add that I suffer from fibromyalagia,which is an ailment that makes one tired and touchy.I don’t have so much physical stamina, and need to look after myself.It´s just not fun having to behave like an 85 year old women, when I´m only 35.

Anyway,my little sister promised to help me create a profile.We enjoyed that.We created it all in one evening and then I was online.

A couple of days later the first contacts started happening.It was unreal.After a couple of days a contact came from a man called Thomas.I began to chat and mail him,and discovered that he was 39,and that he had worked for many years as a travelling technician.He was now on pension with the diagnosis of posttraumatic stresssyndrome.He had been attacked somewhere in the Middle East were he had been working.It meant that he was no longer able to work,and had to return home.I thought that it was an incredible story.He didn’t tell it with selfpity,but conveyed it in a relaxed and quiet fashion. It made a deep impression on me, contrary to what I would have experienced if he had been a bragging smart ego.

Thomas and I just hit it off with each other.We discovered that we both like watching films,and that we are both enthusiastic about Italian food.We both like vacations in the sun,and both of us seek security,with few but very close friends,and we like to spoil our loved ones.

When we met for our first date,it all seemed so natural and real.We met at an Italien restaurant,and from the first instance I felt comfortable in the company of Thomas.He was very helpful and compassionate.He really catered for my good feeling.I think, because both of us have our challenges,we treasure the good moments a lot.This was the star moment.

The first date resulted in a new one a couple of days later,and so it continued.Within a short time period we became lovers.Everytime we meet I have the butterflies.I know that I have met the prince on the white horse,because I feel we are very happy when we are together.I feel comfortable and looked after,and Thomas says that he thinks that it is fantastic to have a girlfriend who he can pamper and look after.

Now we are planning to live together.I have given notice on my flat,and moving in with Thomas in his semidetached house.Maybe things are moving fast, but we are both adults and mature people,and our gut feelings tell us both, that we have found the right one to be with.

Kind Regards 

Thomas and Hannah


Best wishes  Susan 34 years..



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