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I´m at 26 year old guy.I was sent out as a soldier to Afghanistan, where I was so unlucky to by the victim of a road side bomb,which cost me my one leg.It has been been a shattering experience for me.Now I feel that I have come out on the other side of the heavy experience.

Previously I was a bit of a Casanova.I have had lots of dates,and in between also time periods with a love partner.I was just not ready to commit myself.I then became a soldier,and then another agenda took over.When I was with a girl it was more the physical aspect that was nurtured,and a confirmation that was a real man.

After the accident where I lost an important part of myself,I had to get going and head out into the town to get a girls.Over a long period it was hell for me! Whether it was because the girls didn´t want me because I only had one leg-or because I wasn’t comfortable in my own body any longer;or maybe even a third issue;I don’t know.Things were just not working out for me.

I needed to get to know myself from a new perspective, and to realize that I was disabled.It really hurt, and it was difficult.It then dawned on me,that if I continued in this fashion of feeling self pity,then it would be much harder to find a girl.

One day my brother told me about handicap-dating.com.One of his colleagues had a profile on the site. At first I thought that it wasn´t something for me.I checked out the website,and noticed that there were many nice girls there.That prompted me to make a profile and load it up onto handicap-dating.com.

It didn´t take long before I was contacted,and I quickly got the urge to write to some of the most attractive girls.I found quite a few of those on handicap-dating.com.Long story short, I soon got in contact with a lot of girls.Many were curious to hear what type of guy I was,and what I had encountered.That was alright.I dated many of the girls,and  most of them thought I was a cool guy.I`m still surprised that my missing leg wasn´t a hindrance.

One day when I went to a café with one of my friends,I met his cousin.If I hadn´t been sitting down,she would have knocked the legs from under me.She was just the most gorgeous babe.Smiling,beautiful eyes,beautiful body, and as sweet as sugar.I began flirting with her and she hinged on.Since then we have hardly been away from each other,and I have realized that a life with new girls every weekend belongs to my past.At the same time,I´m sure that I rebuilt my self-confidence,and got the belief back that girls still liked me despite having an artificial leg.


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