Date Lots Of Men Despite Disability.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with a medium weighted multiple Sclerosis. That day I felt my world collapsed.I had just turned 29,and had just finished my training as a landscape gardener.I was planning to go hunting for my one and only love, and to establish a family.In one blow everything changed.

Then followed a long time period,where I used many resources to reflect on my diagnosis. I went to a psychotherapist to deal with all my negative thought patterns that my diasability brought up.I had to learn to view myself in a new way. All the time fear was in the background,cementing itself, of being in a scenario of not being able to find a man,who would find me attractive,and especially who would invest in me on the long term.

One evening when I was online,I suddenly came across an article written by a women, who despite her disability was dating a gorgeous man.She wrote that she got contact with them through thought that it sounded interesting,and maybe there was a possibility for me.I examined was was needed and how to get started.After reflecting for a couple of days,I gathered courage.I found a good picture of myself,wrote a profile text and threw myself onto the online dating universe.

In a short while it started to flood in with contacts from men, who wanted to get to know me.I know that I have a quite pretty face, and that my profile picture looks quite good.In my profile text I don’t try to disguise the fact that I have Multiple Sclerosis,and that I go through good and bad days.Some days I cant do anything at all.That obviously didn’t scare the men away.

I started tp write with some of the men.I choose those that looked sweet and trustworthy,and where I could feel that we had common interests.Some of them also had disabilities,but not all of them.It has been fantastic.Life has just become much more fun.

I`m in no rush at the moment to find a partner.I enjoy being courted by several different men.I`m open and loving towards them,and I´m not in a rush to commit myself.I just want to enjoy life, the flirts and a bit of free love; I just just don’t want to miss anything.Some of the guys give up, and others enjoy it.

I´m in no doubt that at a certain time, I´m going to slow down,and begin to look more seriously for a steady partner.What type of guy he is,I don’t know.He has to be able to fathom my disability,which possibly might develop for the worse in time.Just now life has to be lived in full.

Best Wishes



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