52 year old man from 98208 Everett
  • Height 6' 0"
  • Weight 156 lbs
  • Body Slender
  • Drinking habits Occasionally
  • Eye color Brown
  • Hair Brown
  • Career Author
  • Smoking habits Smoker
  • Status Single
  • Appearance Slender
  • First meeting Hugs
  • Humor I'm super fun
  • Address Close to town
  • Cohabitation With my parents
  • Number of children 1
  • Children The children have left home

I am looking for Date

  • I am looking for Women 
  • AgeFrom 25 - 40 Year
  • Height From 3' 11" - 12' 11"
  • Weight Not provided
  • Body Disabled
  • Drinking habits Occasionally
  • Eye color Not specified
  • Hair Not specified
  • Career Not specified
  • Smoking habits Not specified
  • Status Single

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Hi their:
My name is Stephen R.
I am looking for a serious relationship with marriage, I love too cook, taking long walks under the stars, and the beach, I am a bicyclist, I donīt drive, I am a easy going person, who likes too cuddle, watch movies, TV, read books, the computer.
my handicap is: Slow learning, The kind of work I do I take care of the handicap people for a living.
I am looking for a lady who wants a loving passionate honest man.
I am looking someone too give all my love too and my heart, too that one special lady... I believe in love at first sight!!! Do u???

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  • ryberg68
    ryberg68 Dec 31, 2016
    I am looking for true love, and happiness

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